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Revenant Design Blog

I was on the cover of Senior Designer Weekly the other day.

Hello Homos, I mean, Homeos.

Today we are going to talk about Revenant, the brand new model port from Savage 2. You see, I’ve been reading non-senior designer Nome’s blog lately where he wrote about next generation MOBA and hybrid heroes. Well I sat down and thought, if he can write about it, why can’t I just sit down and make one? So here’s Revenant, the only carry/support hybrid in the game.

He is retard easy. Did you like Dampeer? No? Too bad, here’s Revenant. This hero is literally point and click and has everything a hero needs to succeed in HoN, which if you will recall, means we port something from DotA then add an additional effect.

  • Defile: You got a straight ripoff of Ancient Apparition’s Chilling Touch, except there’s no downside and it slows enemies. By the way, it’s 780 magic damage every 11 seconds at level 16. lol zebrabalance ^^
  • Mortification: Sometimes ripping off DotA isnt enough for us. Sometimes, when we feel adventurous, we rip ourselves off. Does this look familiar? No worries, Mortification does more damage, the magic armor doesn’t decrease, and you can cast three of them at level 16. 810 AoE damage over 6 seconds balanced mmk
  • Essence Shroud: What’s a senior designer to do with out of ideas? Slap invis on it. Done deal. Easy. Took a page out of Nome’s book here. His book is long and hard to read by the way.
  • Manifestation: Multicast ^_____^*<3

So basically we gave a support hero all the tools he needs to carry. Or maybe we just gave a carry hero all the tools he needs to support. What does this mean? This means you can run him as a backup carry in almost any lineup. If he dominates, he becomes one of the most powerful heroes If he fails, he still becomes one of the best support in the game. BUT WAIT. He too strong as agility, lets make him intelligence. Boom instant nerf. See what I mean? Being a senior designer is fuckin’ EZPZ.

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Parasite Design Blog #2

<greetings> fellow jedis, its me Idejder for a guest column rundown of the more technical side of Parasite. You see, its not very often that Diva comes to me with such an easy hero to script, I mean all I had to do was copy over Predator and Gauntlet and haphazardly overwrite a few files. Anyways part of my job as a non-senior designer is to fuck as many people as possible with poor scripting. For example when I did Leech I made sure to do this:

<damage amount=”80,130,180,230″ effectype=”” />

What this does is make the damage type true so magic armor and armor don’t reduce the damage. It’s a great way to piss people off without them even knowing it and it really keeps ElementUser on his toes. There was also some programming that we had to do, but basically for that we just open Notepad and slap in some 0s and 1s. The big deal about Shit 2 Games programming is that we don’t doublecheck anything. That way its buggy as fuck and ready for testing. Basically if it crashes the server we know its good to go.

Anyways, that’s Parasite’s scripting in a nutshell. I hope you guys enjoyed this short look into being a non-senior designer.

PS: I didn’t close the <greetings> tag on purpose cuz thats how Shit 2 Games rolls.

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Parasite Design Blog #1

When I designed Parasite, I followed a few core principles.

  1. Copy another game.
  2. Ignore all design rules.

As with all of my heroes, Parasite fit the bill quite nicely. First I had to look for inspiration. As any designer knows, the job is incredibly easy because all you have to do is sit around in your zebra robe and think of ideas. However, I could not find the robe that night, so I did the next best thing…

I fired up Garena DotA and was immediately plunged into an AR/BR/GG/NONIG game. I randomed Naix and was like… you know what HoN needs? HoN needs some Naix action. But then it hit me. Predator was already a Naix port. But I figured that because he was an incomplete port, I would port over the one skill that didn’t make it to HoN. You know, because it’s the gayest one. Excuse me, I meant flamboyant.

Anyways, I like to do something called “fluffing” when it comes to hero designs and big black cocks. This means, whenever I port a DotA hero, I have to make it better. Making it better can usually mean making it do more damage, making it go through magic immunity, or just adding a slow or stun on top of it. Basically the idea is “why stop”? I am a big fan of DotA. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have been a 3rd tier pro DotA player. I wouldn’t be working for Shit 2 Games. I wouldn’t be a senior designer getting shitblasted by talk show hosts. So I gotta make things better. And everyone knows more is better.

Parasite is a really fun hero. I think he has endured the test of time to become an all-time classic.

So basically I took Necrolic’s Grave Chill http://www.playdota.com/heroes/necrolic#skill432 . It was good in DotA but in HoN it would suck because it doesn’t do enough things. So I gave it damage. BAM, it is good now.

Mother always said, shoot low. If you shoot high, you actually have to try.

I heard Doom Bringer is like top tier in DotA right now so I was like… you know what, I can’t just port Naix’s ult and make it a normal skill. That’s not GOOD enough. No, I’m gonna port Naix’s ult, make it a normal skill, THEN I’M GONNA MAKE IT BETTER THAN DOOM’S DEVOUR: http://www.playdota.com/heroes/doom-bringer#skill121 . I mean that’s good design right? Now that this hero has better versions of skills than three DotA heroes he’s definitely top tier competitive DOGKaiser approved Asway’s #1 hero right?

But you see, that is not what I want. I don’t want to make a hero just good. That’s not good design, and I am a good designer. You see, if a hero is too good, that makes it imbalanced. Say it with me–im-balls-ass-ed. To fix this, a designer basically adds counterweights to all of the good parts of the hero. It was pretty easy for Parasite… I just made it intelligence. It makes sense right? You look at the skill set and it is a clear port of Naix. It is clearly a tank with some damage potential and mobility and survival. But O SHIT, you can’t get any good tank items on him without fucking yourself! See, that is brilliant, and that’s why I’m senior designer and you’re not.

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