Parasite Design Blog #2

<greetings> fellow jedis, its me Idejder for a guest column rundown of the more technical side of Parasite. You see, its not very often that Diva comes to me with such an easy hero to script, I mean all I had to do was copy over Predator and Gauntlet and haphazardly overwrite a few files. Anyways part of my job as a non-senior designer is to fuck as many people as possible with poor scripting. For example when I did Leech I made sure to do this:

<damage amount=”80,130,180,230″ effectype=”” />

What this does is make the damage type true so magic armor and armor don’t reduce the damage. It’s a great way to piss people off without them even knowing it and it really keeps ElementUser on his toes. There was also some programming that we had to do, but basically for that we just open Notepad and slap in some 0s and 1s. The big deal about Shit 2 Games programming is that we don’t doublecheck anything. That way its buggy as fuck and ready for testing. Basically if it crashes the server we know its good to go.

Anyways, that’s Parasite’s scripting in a nutshell. I hope you guys enjoyed this short look into being a non-senior designer.

PS: I didn’t close the <greetings> tag on purpose cuz thats how Shit 2 Games rolls.


About s2diva

I am a senior designer for Shit 2 Games. I go against basic design principles laid out by thirty years of hardworking game designers and rip off League of Legends material daily.
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