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I was on the cover of Senior Designer Weekly the other day.

Hello Homos, I mean, Homeos.

Today we are going to talk about Revenant, the brand new model port from Savage 2. You see, I’ve been reading non-senior designer Nome’s blog lately where he wrote about next generation MOBA and hybrid heroes. Well I sat down and thought, if he can write about it, why can’t I just sit down and make one? So here’s Revenant, the only carry/support hybrid in the game.

He is retard easy. Did you like Dampeer? No? Too bad, here’s Revenant. This hero is literally point and click and has everything a hero needs to succeed in HoN, which if you will recall, means we port something from DotA then add an additional effect.

  • Defile: You got a straight ripoff of Ancient Apparition’s Chilling Touch, except there’s no downside and it slows enemies. By the way, it’s 780 magic damage every 11 seconds at level 16. lol zebrabalance ^^
  • Mortification: Sometimes ripping off DotA isnt enough for us. Sometimes, when we feel adventurous, we rip ourselves off. Does this look familiar? No worries, Mortification does more damage, the magic armor doesn’t decrease, and you can cast three of them at level 16. 810 AoE damage over 6 seconds balanced mmk
  • Essence Shroud: What’s a senior designer to do with out of ideas? Slap invis on it. Done deal. Easy. Took a page out of Nome’s book here. His book is long and hard to read by the way.
  • Manifestation: Multicast ^_____^*<3

So basically we gave a support hero all the tools he needs to carry. Or maybe we just gave a carry hero all the tools he needs to support. What does this mean? This means you can run him as a backup carry in almost any lineup. If he dominates, he becomes one of the most powerful heroes If he fails, he still becomes one of the best support in the game. BUT WAIT. He too strong as agility, lets make him intelligence. Boom instant nerf. See what I mean? Being a senior designer is fuckin’ EZPZ.


About s2diva

I am a senior designer for Shit 2 Games. I go against basic design principles laid out by thirty years of hardworking game designers and rip off League of Legends material daily.
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